Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9, 2013

Hi! I'm Boone!

This is my family.

My sister is named Cali. My other sister is named Gwen. My mom and dad are named Elaine and Craig. I have two dogs named Ginger and Sammy. Ginger is a girl and Sammy is a boy. Ginger is white and Sammy is black. I am in second grade. 

Today was a rainy day at school. For PE we jumped rope. Today was also Walk to School Day. We walked Lucy, our grandparents' dog, to school and we went to class when we got there. 

My stuffed animals are Lucky, a toy creeper named Creepy, a bat with a weird nose named Snort-Snort, a dragon named Flame, a dog named Digger, a little bird named Birdie, an Ewok named Wicket, an Owl named Hoot-Hoot, a bear named Cookie, a Pillow Pet named Beary, a snake named Slither and so many more! Here they are:

It's Wednesday, so Happy Hump Day!